Saint Louis Stories

Saint Louis Stories attends to the places and people that shape the city of Saint Louis. This podcast series captures and contextualizes the voices in and of the city so that listeners can better engage in shaping Saint Louis.

Saint Louis Stories episodes are produced by students in Saint Louis University's Writing Program and Rhetoric, Writing and Technology emphasis. Our students select and investigate a topic currently underway in Saint Louis and its surrounding environs using both primary and secondary sources (interviews, observations, background research), and then plan, produce, and distribute an audio story with this topic as its subject matter. Saint Louis Stories is hosted and produced in conjunction with the Digital Media Studio in the Computer Assisted Instruction Lab at Saint Louis University's Department of English.

Audio pushes us to treat storytelling as multidimensional. Audio stories are produced in layers: narration, interviews, ambient sounds, sound effects and music. Audio attends to the depths of stories. Audio storytelling, with its emphasis on sound, likewise tunes us to the embodied dimensions of stories. Sound hits the ear; it is storytelling that literally impacts an audience. Composing with sound intensifies storytelling. 

Digital Media Studio at Saint Louis University

The digital media studio (opened in Summer 2016) is designed to provide a comfortable and collaborative space for students to plan, produce and workshop a range of media projects from short videos to longer audio narratives. Features include a media bar that provides for displaying and workshopping projects on one of three 36-inch flat screen televisions. The increased screen real estate promotes a more collaborative and precise work experience. The bar set-up likewise allows for several small groups to work in this way. The media studio also features two networked iMac computers dedicated to long term, digital humanities projects. Finally, the studio includes a recording booth soundproofed and set-up for students to record audio tracks: for instance, podcasts and narration for videos. In the very near future, the recording booth will be furnished to accommodate multiple students, allowing for interviews and group recording sessions.

In addition to the renovated studio space, the Computer Assisted Instruction Lab has invested in professional quality audio recording equipment to used by students enrolled in Rhetoric, Writing and Technology courses. Our portable audio kits make it possible for students to do field recording and conduct interviews beyond the confines of the classroom

The media studio greatly expands upon the lab’s ability to promote and support a diverse array of compelling composition projects, and so the media studio strengthens the mission and purpose of the lab.